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Calvary Baptist Church History

Calvary Baptist Church
Charter Member List

(50 Original)

Mildred Baptista
Roger Bean 
Vera Bean
Warren Biebel
Marion Biebel
Harold Borders
 Jean Borders
Charles Brackett
 Lillian Brackett
Barbara Brooks
Betty Cummings Bruce
Irwin Bruce 
Robert Bruce 
Grace Bruce
George Call
Gladys Cummings
Beverly Duplissey
Marguerite Fancy
Pauline Parks Fortune
Charles Holt 
Rachel Holt
Pamela Holt
Clarence Howard 
Eleanor Mark Howard
Ethel Hoyt

Minerva Hoyt
Paul (Ned) Hoyt
Ralph (Bucky) Hoyt
Raymond (Butch) Hoyt
Ronald Hoyt
Harry Kent
 Irene Kent
John Killoran 
Barbara Killoran
Edgar Leigh 
Theresa Leigh
Joseph Littlefield 
Elsie Littlefield
Donald Mark
Fred Mark
Ellen Smith Mark
Raymond Mark 
Mary Mark
Joan Baptista Mudgett
Glenn Parks 
Florence Parks
Beverly Stathers
Priscilla Baptista Sharpe
Ed Tierney 
Elsa Bruce Tierney

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List of Pastors and Years Served 
"And he gave some, apostles; and some,
prophets; and some, evangelists; and some,
pastors and teachers."
Eph. 4:11

1952 - 1959     Rev. Warren Biebel
1959 - 1967     Rev. Ronald Carver
1968 - 1981     
Rev. Walter Dryer
Summer 1975     Rev. Calvin Barton, Asst. Pastor
1977 - 1979     Rev. Kevin Smith, Asst. Pastor
1979 - 1981    Rev. Richard Eckhardt, Asst. Pastor
1981 - 1983     Rev. Richard Eckhardt, Interim Pastor
1983 - 1985    
Rev. Rueben Ronne
1985 - 1986     Rev. Paul Cutting, Interim Pastor
1986 - 1995           Rev. Ivan Hatch
1996         Rev. David Cornell, Interim Pastor
1997 - Present     Rev. Stephen Cook
Summer 2000     Timothy Frisch, Summer Youth Pastor
2001 - Present Timothy Frisch, Youth Pastor

Missionaries Supported
1952 - 2002






Elliot Blanchard


West Africa

1954 -1988

Priscilla Baptista Sharpe


Bolivia, Panama,

Sea Islands

1954 -2002

Gilbert Zincke



1954 -1965

Robert Bennett



1961 -1999

Weldon Clark



1961 -1991

Robert Delamatta



1963 -1997

Betty Camp


Bolivia, Brazil

1963 -Present

William Peck



1965 -1984

Stan Rockafellow


Church planter

New Hampshire

1968 -1988

Charles Dudley


Ivory Coast

1969 -2000

Lynn Swenson



1969 -1992

Vernon Northrup



1972 -1990

Fred Niehoff



1972 -Present

Barbara Lahar


New Hampshire

1972 -1975

Ruth Haynes



1975 -1982

Ruth Haynes

BCM & SEND International


1984 -Present

David & Carol Burrow


Camp Good News, NH

1975 -1978

Fran Woods


Hong Kong

1976 -1993

Winona Schoolcraft


NH & Colorado

1977 -Present

Roland Ludlam



1977 -1981

Ed Gant



1977 -1983

Kim Gay

High School Evangelism


1977 -1986

Barbara Livingston



1977 -1991

Bob & Barb


Camp Good News, NH

1977 -1981

Sharon Haynes

New England Fellowship
& CEF of Canada

1977 -1980


Judy Gay



1978 -1987

Susan Hay


Zaire, Congo

1979 -Present

Jack Caulfield

Word of Life


1979 -1983

Jim Camp



1980 -1992

Steve & Laraine Mann


Peru , Nigeria

1980 -Present

Susanna Haynes

His Mansion

New Hampshire

1981 -1985

Dan & Marsha Haynes



1981 -Present

Artie & Nancy Muro

All Peoples Baptist


1981 -Present

Sandy Dryer

Friendship Ministries


1981 -1982

Judy Haynes


New Hampshire

1982 -1985

John & Sue Slaiger


Providence, RI

1982 -Present

Walter Dryer



1982 -Present

Dick & Lynn


Camp Good News, NH

1982 -1984

Sharon Peralta

His Mansion

New Hampshire

1985 -1989

Richard & Ellen Eckhardt



1989 -1995

Dave & Paula Fleury



1989 -1991

Dan & June Sylvester


CGN, N.H., Missouri

1991 -Present

Tim & Deb


New Hampshire

1991 -1998

Phil & Patty Andrade



1992 -1997

Jens & Sheila Beck


Camp Good News, NH

1999 -Present

Jim & Deb Carter

Missionary Clearinghouse


1999 -Present

Dan & Diana McKeen



1999 -Present

Sergei Kokhnenko

Slavic Gospel Assoc.


1999 -Present

Al & Terri Burns


Camp Good News, NH

2000 -Present

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Calvary Baptist Church History
Through the Years
Some Highlights of Calvary Baptist Church

Two young ladies, Elsa Bruce and Betty Cummings, met while employed at Claremont retail shops in the mid forties. They agreed that surely the Lord was being misrepresented at the churches they were attending. The Lord had used a local farmer's wife, Mrs. Chellis, to introduce Elsa Bruce to her Redeemer. Betty Cummings had been led to Christ by her pastor in northern Vermont and had gone on to Providence Bible Institute. She, too, had a solid foundation that could be built upon.

In the Chellis farmhouse parlor, they were told of area churches where the Bible was still believed and taught. When Elsa went to Concord to business school, Mrs. Chellis told her of the two Baptist churches there. She said that First Baptist had a pastor who was preaching the Word of God, and recommended that Elsa attend there. That pastor was James Stewart, who later was to be a great help at Calvary's beginning.

While attempting to evangelize young people in their respective churches, Elsa and Betty began taking groups of youngsters to Keene's Sturtevant Chapel to evening services, where Pastor MacKerron led a solid Gospel program. Active in those early groups besides Betty and Elsa were two others who are still active here, Polly (Parks) Fortune and Reigh (Howard) Yurek.

During the summers, they went to Pinebrook Bible Conference in Pennsylvania and later Word of Life in New York. At Schroon Lake in 1950, Elsa and Betty were challenged by missionary Forrest Forbes. Betty has said, "It seemed he was looking directly at us when he said, 'If there is nothing to bring youth to Christ, do something about it upon your return home.' " During the remainder of 1950 and in 1951, the fledgling Bible study and prayer groups began flourishing, and they soon became weekly Youth For Christ meetings.

The second floor of the old Veterans of Foreign Wars building was rented, and speakers came up from Providence. Men from Word of Life along with several Conservative Baptist pastors helped in the Saturday night meetings and later in Sunday afternoon worship services. At the time, many of the folks were still attending their own churches.

Soon the group had outgrown the space on Tremont Square. Trusting God, the Odd Fellows' Hall over stores on Pleasant Street was leased. Attendance continued to increase, many were coming to the Lord. The facility had a large cloak room that was used to counsel seekers. It became the place where many lost souls found their Savior! Pastor Paul Scruton of Contoocook Baptist Church took leadership of the afternoons into 1952. On Easter Sunday of that year, the scheduled speaker was hindered from coming. Pastor Scruton was contacted, and he said that he would send up a young student from Gordon College if they were interested. The answer was in the affirmative. The young student really impressed the gathering. That student was Warren Biebel.

The Spirit of the Lord continued to bless the work, and in August, eighteen born again Christians were baptized at Crescent Lake. Grace Bruce, Elsa's mom, was the first to be immersed in that cool water. In October of 1952, it was decided that they would ask Biebel to become the official leader of the group. Slips of paper were passed around to the wage earners, on which they were to note how much they could invest in his salary. The grand total was about $40.00. Warren Biebel accepted the call. As the offerings increased, the church took a step of faith and decided to devote 10% of the total to missions.

The charter membership of the little flock at the end of the year was fifty. Warren Biebel was ordained in December. Ardon Roark quoted Ray Mark, one of the fifty, in an earlier history that, "The success of Calvary Baptist in its earliest days and years was its focus on prayer for the individual person." The church began to have three regular weekly services as well as Sunday School and the ever more popular Youth For Christ gatherings.

On February 1, 1953, Calvary Baptist Church went on the air at 9:00 in the morning with a radio program called "Valley Praises".  In May, the church affiliated with the Conservative Baptist Association of New Hampshire. The Association helped with the finances of the infant church through their Minuteman Fund. Also in May, Bill Hoyt gave one of his many concerts, a blessing to all! September saw the double ring ceremony with the marriages of Elsa to Ed Tierney and Betty to Elsa's brother, Irvin Bruce. A rally to raise the last $400 needed to buy a lot on Maple Avenue was a success. The Building Committee negotiated a $2,600 asking price down to $2,000. The church voted to support its first missionary family, the Elliot Blanchard's of French West Africa.

By 1954, the records showed that there had been more than 150 professions of faith with about one hundred of these being young people. There had also been at least 45 baptisms. In December, member Priscilla Baptista became the church's own missionary, as she departed for jungle camp in Mexico in preparation for her future linguistic work with the Baure Indians in Bolivia.

The Fall of 1955 found a crew of men in the woods of Cornish harvesting 7,000 feet of timber for the planned construction of the new church building. The logs were sawn into lumber on Red Water Brook Road. The labor of love was noted in a feature story by the New York Times. At the same time, a program called Teen Time Ranch commenced at the former South Cornish school house. Featured were an evangelistic film and Paul Bubar, an associate of Word of Life from Barrington Bible College.

The next year was very busy in the development of the church. At the beginning of the year, the adjoining lot and farmhouse were purchased. The stable connected to the house was transformed into Calvary Chapel, and the house became the parsonage for the Biebels. On May 7, the groundbreaking for the church building was held. Mayor Marion Phillips took part in the ceremony. Next door, the chapel rang with song and Pastor Biebel spoke of the three weeks it had taken to transform the old barn into a worship space. Thus was dedicated the little worship hall. The congregation was quite comfortable in newly purchased folding chairs.

By the Summer of 1957, the congregation moved over to the partially completed basement of the church. Once again, they needed the extra space to accommodate the increased attendance. In October, that space was provided by the church for the annual meeting of the CBA of NH.

Much was accomplished in 1958 concerning financial affairs and the work of elected boards and committees. Although the area was experiencing another slow time, it was decided to continue allotting ten percent of revenue to missions. It was noted that during another Sunday School contest, the enrollment was 238. Church membership was 110. Work continued to advance the completion of the building by the willingness of pastor and people to do the work led by carpenter Rudy Marek. On May 20, the cornerstone was set at the southwest corner of the edifice in conjunction with the second anniversary of the commencement of the physical labors. The principle speaker of the affair was Myron Cederholm, general secretary of the CBA of America.

The delights of summer 1959 turned to a more somber mood as Pastor Biebel announced he had accomplished what God had planned for him at Calvary Baptist and was moving to other ventures of faith. He moved to Windsor on the 15th of October. His accomplishments had truly been miraculous and to the Glory of God! At a special business meeting held after the morning service on December 20, a unanimous vote was taken to extend a call to Ronald Carver of Bristol, VT, to fill the vacated pulpit. He came well qualified with a great grasp of Scripture and an inbred ability to expound it. Clearly the hand of the Lord was on him.

July 20, 1960, saw the institution of a Christian Education Board. Seminole Point Lodge in Sunapee was continued to be used for some of the church's functions while construction continued on the interior of the church building.

In 1961, the church held its first 'home grown' missionary conference, spread out over eight days. Faith promises were taken, and as a result the missions budget was doubled. Again, Bill Hoyt thrilled the 200 who attended another of his concerts.

On Sunday evening January 28, 1962, following the regular praise service, a special meeting was called for one very special purpose. Priscilla Baptista's life was reviewed by many of her family and friends. The meeting culminated in her recommissioning. At its conclusion, all stood in affirming their support and appreciation. The 10th Anniversary of Calvary was commemorated on Sunday, the fourteenth of October 1962 with many of the Charter Members taking part.

One of the outstanding memories of Summer 1963 was an elaborate Sunday School contest. In "Gospel Lines - World Express," passengers had photo passports and then tickets punched as they entered the church building. The one hundred who had perfect attendance were treated to a ride on Nelson Blount's Steamtown Train. That summer's work netted the top prize from the New England Sunday School Association! In the Fall, the teens traveled to Montreal to assist missionary Weldon Clark.

Ron and Connie Carver were sent to California for the annual National CBA Meeting of 1964.

The first organ was purchased in 1965. On Easter Sunday, the baptistry was used for the first time.

A Youth Committee of three members was begun in October of 1966, and work was completed on the Youth Center occupying the chapel space adjoining the parsonage.

Twelve new members joined the church on January 5, 1967. The assembly now totaled 120. The Sunrise Service was held at Arrowhead Lodge. In March, it was voted to enlist Barry Rivet as youth worker. Coupons were placed in the bulletin for members to write what they could give for his support. On October 25, Pastor Carver presented a letter of resignation stating that, "It was clearly the Lord's leading that he should resign effective on January 1, 1968, or at the end of thirty days if the church so requires." The congregation felt a keen sense of loss but were reconciled to the fact that it was the Lord's will. The sentiment was that they had learned to understand the Bible better, for Pastor Carver was a great teacher of Scripture. Once again, a pulpit committee was formed and active. Pastor Carver took on a new church in Massachusetts.

The quarterly meeting of April 12, 1968 brought a vote to call Rev. Walter Dryer of Dedham, Massachusetts, to become the new pastor as soon as possible. That became a reality in June. He proved to be a man of compassion who went to great lengths to help the sick physically and spiritually. He was essentially an expositor in preaching, and that preaching was effective. The church was often filled to capacity, as people flocked in to hear the Word of the Lord.

Our church aided in bringing the Billy Graham film, "Restless Ones" to a local theater in town for a week in April 1969. At least fifteen new names were added to God's Kingdom partly as a result of this event.

A Church Covenant was adopted on April 14, 1970. Pastor Dryer began sharing weekly five minute "Daily Devotions" on the local radio station WTSV. This activity was sponsored by the Claremont Ministerial Association. Each week was covered by a different local Pastor in a round robin fashion. The week that they were on the radio was also the same week that they were the chaplain at Claremont General Hospital (now known as Valley Regional Hospital). October brought another Billy Graham film, "For Pete's Sake" to town for a week. Posters and invitations to the movie were handed out all over town by many of our teens.

New pews were ordered on May 11, 1971, and there was a vote to sponsor a softball team in the local church league.

On April 18, 1972, the Mission Board recommended that the church send Ruth Haynes as a Summer missionary to Japan, and the church agreed. In August, two significant votes were also taken: To undertake Word of Life Bible Clubs at Stevens High School and Fall Mountain High School, and to fully support a Christian Service Brigade Battalion for 12-18 year old boys. Pastors Biebel and Carver were guest speakers as the church's 20th Anniversary was celebrated. Walter Holder represented CBA of New Hampshire.

In Feb. 1973, we began recording the AM service for rebroadcast the following week on WCNL, a radio station in Newport. It later became a live broadcast. Many may remember seeing the lighted 'On Air' sign at the front of the church each week. This ministry continued spreading the gospel into our area for several years. A Bus Ministry was initiated on March 29, 1973.

Since January 15, 1974, the church has been supporting an orphan at the Boys' Christian Home in India. Ruth Haynes was supported with Child Evangelism Fellowship in Canada. Shary Haynes was supported with Child Evangelism Fellowship here in the States. A city-wide census of church affiliation was taken. A Building Committee was established to study the physical construction of an education wing. We continued to outgrow our living space.

In April of 1975, Calvin Barton was elected as Assistant Pastor for the Summer. Another Billy Graham film, "A Time to Run" came to town for a week. Several from our church were able to counsel attendees in coming to the Lord.

The mortgage was burned on Easter of 1976, and later that year a new venture of faith was taken. Claremont Christian Academy, under the direction of Bernard Cornell, welcomed 38 students. The Bicentennial parade that year featured a float by the church with ladies in Colonial dress passing out tracts to the crowds. On February 19, Kevin Smith was elected to be our first full-time Assistant Pastor. Kevin had been a missionary to Japan and had served on the staff of Grace Chapel, Lexington, MA.

"Calvary Baptist Celebrates 25th Year" was the headline of the feature story in the Daily Eagle on October 16, 1977. Quoting Isaiah 3:21, "Your ears shall hear a word behind you saying, 'This is the way, walk in it'." The story tells of God's blessing on His people at Calvary Baptist. The article concluded by describing the special commemorative service. "Anniversary celebrations begin today with the Rev. Robert D'Entremont as guest speaker.... Rev. Stanley Rockafellow will speak... at Lake Sunapee's Seminole Point Lodge. Providing a sense of continuity with their formation is the Rev. Floyd Ankerberg, who was present when everything began back then." In September, Sharon Haynes was commissioned as Rural Bible teacher to Maine.

A new member, Ray Noyes, a Christian counselor, was added in 1978 to the pastoral team.

Another addition in 1979 was Richard Eckhardt as Assistant Pastor. During the year, there was continuing opposition by neighbors of the church to the planned expansion of the building and parking lot.

The expansion of the building and parking lot work was finally begun in 1980 and completed in 1981.

In 1981, Pastor Dryer resigned to join Community Chaplain Service, which he later became the Director of and where he still serves today. The church was fortunate to have Richard Eckhardt available and willing to serve as interim pastor at that time. The new piano was first played in December.

The 30th Anniversary was commemorated in October 1982. The new wing was dedicated and put into service. Keynote speaker for the celebration was Jimmy DeYoung who is now associated with Radio Bible Class and its television programs from Israel.

The Deacons' Report for 1983 described the continuing search for a new leader. Two candidates were interviewed. A "needy shelf" of commodities for distribution to church families was begun. Discussion was begun for the revision of the church constitution. David Biebel came on staff as a counselor. Pastor Rueben Ronne came in the Fall of 1983.

March 1984 found us commissioning Ruth Haynes before she headed off to the Philippines as our second "home grown" foreign missionary. Dan Haynes was commissioned in July as a missionary and was ordained on August 19, 1984. He and Marsha soon left expanding our own "home grown" foreign missionary family. A Deacons' Report for 1984 stated that the year had been a year of 'adjustment'.

In February of 1985, Pastor Ronne left to return to the midwest. An all-church visitation was re-instituted by the deacons, and a pulpit committee was actively seeking a new pastor. Meanwhile, the pulpit was very ably supplied by Rev. Paul Cutting.

The Pulpit Committee selected Rev. Ivan Hatch of South Paris, Maine, to present to the church. He was unanimously voted in and arrived for ministry in February of 1986. In his initial report, he stated, "I see a body of believers that love the Lord, that labor together, that have a deep commitment to missions." Deacon Charlie Henry said in a report that it was a joy to see new people coming every Sunday as well as old friends coming back.

1987 was an action-packed year. The Billy Graham film "Cry From the Mountain", deeper life conference with Dr. John DeBrine, Dr. Dobson's film series "Turn your heart towards home", Pensacola Christian College Ensemble, prophetic conference with Arnold Fruchtenbaum, DVBS with the Hemonds, and the 35th Anniversary with Jack Wyrtzen, Ronald Carver, Walter Dryer, Paul Cutting, and Stan Rockafellow.

1988 was significant in the church's support of an effort to stem the tide of infanticide sweeping the country. Many were involved in an attempt to begin a Crisis Pregnancy Center to Claremont. It also proved to be another year of baptisms, as eleven were baptized at Crescent Lake.

Under Pastor Hatch's ministry in 1989, the church grew at an accelerated rate with eighteen baptisms. Notably, on the schedule was a well-received film series with Charles Swindoll. In the course of the year, the pastor held 1,224 counseling sessions, performed two weddings, and seven funerals. Church membership stood at 190.

The India Children's choir blessed us in July 1990 with a program sponsored by Bibles for the World. As a result of this program, 800 New Testaments were sent to Russia. Visits by missionaries Betty Camp and Barbara Livingston and a stewardship conference were well received. There was an excellent response to Gary Smalley's 'Love Is a Decision' Series.

Thrilling was the presentation in 1991, of the work of Dr. Mirriam and nationals from New Guinea, spears and arrows, shrill cries and all. An impressive float in the Alumni Parade expressing the need of Christ and a tract table at the Cornish Fair were two more highlights.

To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the church, Pastor Dryer preached the morning sermon. Afterwards, the mortgage on the addition was burned, officiated by Pastor Hatch and the chairmen of the Deacons, Finance Board, and Trustees. This was followed by a fellowship Banquet.

1993 was graced by the presence of Ruth Haynes, Laura Bonney, Dan, Marsha, Jere, Rachel, and Mark Haynes, all on furlough. A memorable VBS was held with the Tim and Deb Patterson family all in their authentic Indian regalia. Eight teens had a productive short term missions trip to Providence, RI, to aid the Slaigers in August.

The Word of Life Collegians came for a Christmas musical at Stevens High School in 1994. Pastor Hatch announced his resignation, and after a time he and Ginny retired in Maine.

During 1995, pastoral duties were fulfilled by our deacons, several men from West Lebanon Baptist Church and elsewhere as the Lord provided for our spiritual needs.

It was noted in reports of 1996, that even though there was no pastor, attendance remained quite constant. The Women's Fellowship started a neighborhood baby-sitting service. Once again Word of Life came and shared their Passion Play at Stevens High School. Tim Shaw gave a wonderful concert at the church. The church was served by the Rev. David Cornell as interim pastor. He came from York, Maine, faithfully in fair weather and foul.

Pastor Stephen and Miriam Cook were welcomed in July of 1997. They left the thriving Knox Ridge Baptist Church in Maine where they had served for seventeen years. He says that the transition was smooth and that they felt at home immediately. The fellowship rejoiced in the fresh and forceful ministry. Notably, a commitment of the pastor has been the development of leadership skills of the deacons, and they have all done a considerable amount of preaching and teaching. On October 26, 1997, the church celebrated its 45th Anniversary with a special recognition of Elsa Tierney and Betty Bruce.

The Spring of 1998 saw the beginning of a new ministry for folks unable to come to church. Due to the bequest of one of the members, the equipment to video tape the services was purchased. The tapes have been much appreciated by the shut-ins. On June 21, 1998, Ruth Haynes was recommissioned for her work in the Philippines. Pastor began a round robin Bible study and an exposition of the book of Matthew in the morning services which has continued into 2002. The Tim Patterson family participated in the October 5 Sunday School Rally Day. The Sunday School started support of another orphan through Compassion International. The pastor was pleased to see a steady growth in number of worshippers and the maturity of the fold. Sound Biblical preaching was bearing fruit. The annual report showed 119 members.

The pastor introduced his exciting evening series on Revelation in 1999. New members were welcomed into the fellowship. The deaconesses began a food pantry. A Tuesday night visitation also got under way. The new millennium was ushered in with a special presentation by Jack Caulfield on the life of William Tyndale and a pastor-led Men's Bible Study. The Mom's Group began monthly meetings. In Sunday School, the Antsylvania program entertained and enlightened, and a delightful picnic was held at Wadleigh Field with the Dan Haynes family. The theme was Africa, and several special musical presentations by individuals and groups were enjoyed.

Once again, missions called people from the church family, as Al and Terri Burns became directors of Camp Good News in 2000. Added to the church staff as Summer Youth Pastor was Tim Frisch, following his marriage to Julie Barton. A puppet ministry involving our church's youth, led by Mrs. Mim Cook and Mrs. Janet Gregoire, was added to the church's ministry list.

2001 was highlighted by the continuance of Pastor Cook's teaching on prophecy and Matthew as well as a steady growth in membership and missions giving. As a result of the added funds, we were able to support new missionary families. Tim and Julie expanded the work with youth, as Tim became part time, year-round Youth Pastor.

Besides the aforementioned programs that continue today so well, two exceptional events have occurred in our year 2002. One milestone has been the creation of the church web page in January. Another was our use of the CCTV outreach, an added dimension of the use of our video ministry, beginning with its first broadcast on July 16. The Gospel is going out! Praise God we have a Scriptural message and strong pastoral leadership! Our church is once again being allowed into the public schools for Bible studies as "Pastor" Tim is working with several of our teens and beginning a weekly Bible Study time at Fall Mountain High School.

As we look forward to the completion of our 50th year in October, we also look back at the abundance of God's provisions and leading in the past. Knowing His hand is upon us still, we can safely say: through these fifty years, these 200 seasons, God has blessed Calvary Baptist Church.

It is an awesome responsibility to live up to the name of the place where the Lord met man's deepest need! Probably there have been times when human frailty has been all too apparent, but the light of the Gospel has continued to shine. Certainly, it shall continue to shine as the church continues to seek to glorify her bridegroom and serve a lost and dying society, where He has placed her.

If Paul the Apostle were writing directly to us, he would stress: "Only let your conduct be worthy of the Gospel of Christ, so that whether I come and see you or am absent I may hear of your affairs, that you stand fast in one spirit, with one mind striving together for the faith of the Gospel." Phil. 1:27

By His grace and for His glory!

Ronald Erisman
Shelley Brookings

A special thank-you to Jan Rockwell for her assistance
 in typing and proofreading this document.